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bali silver

Bali Silver

If you are interested in visiting Bali this nearest holiday, you might want to dig more about what is good souvenir you probably will able to get from Bali and if we can recommend you with something special then you need t go forĀ Bali silver.

You might ask back why you need to check out Bali silver. It is because besides Kota Gede, Yogyakarta, Bali is probably the next place that is able to produce unique and one of a kind silver craft you can find in Indonesia. The traditional style is pretty much different from other types of silver crafts that are produced in other places around Indonesia.

bali silver

There are also several workshops in Bali that are actually have been passed on from generation to generation and it means that the style of the craft itself has already existed several years ago. And you will not be able to find the same model and style from store to store you can find in Bali.

Sterling Silver, Bali

The most popular place where you can get your extraordinary and unique silver crafts is in Sterling. People say that in this place, you can find many amazing stuff that is made of silver. Sterling is a small island in the South Pacific which means it is located right in the south of the Bali Island. The style is also named as Sterling Silver which is crafted specifically by people who reside in that place from time to time.

There are so many people that collect Bali silver because of the quality of the crafts and also the traditional style that they try to preserve. The interesting thing about Sterling Silver is that it is mostly handcrafted so they have full quality control over it and they also still use primitive and old stuff to make silver crafts.

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